Benefits of yoga for athletes

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When it comes to flexibility, concentration, strengthening and recovery, few things help more than yoga. And this is why more and more elite athletes are joining the regular practice of asanas to improve their performance in different disciplines.

After years of intensive training, there are skills and abilities that can not be worked in the gym or with repetitive exercise. But yoga came to break those barriers.

Today, a session of postures and meditation is part of a high level training capable of maximizing all the energies of body and mind. Here we will explain why:

Flexibility and coordination

In athletes it is important to work on muscle elasticity to have a greater range of possible movements. This flexibility is given by yoga, allowing you to get further and faster to certain techniques of each sport.

And with less body rigidity comes a better coordination that helps achieve more precise movements.


Although they are of low impact every posture that is done in yoga tones the muscles and strengthens the joints. As a result, you can lose weight and have a harder body.

These new strengths and flexibilities expand the possibilities of each muscle, making them more powerful and efficient in general and specific terms.


Certain types of sports work a muscle group much more intensely than the rest, this can cause asymmetries and uncomfortable body imbalances.

Luckily, yoga manages to correct the dimensions and strengthen the ignored muscles.


One aspect that can greatly improve resistance and performance in long competitions is breathing. For this the asanas and relaxations are excellent, they make the lung capacity increase and the diagram is trained for intense work.

This results in better muscle oxygenation and, therefore, greater power in the circulatory and endocrine system.

Winning mindset

The mental component that intervenes in the practice of yoga makes it not only a physical training but an emotional and mental therapy capable of influencing concentration, relaxation and personal visualization.

In high performance, many people feel pressured by the demands of competition and need to overcome nerves and fears constantly.

In this, yoga is perfect because it brings clarity, awareness to the thoughts and manages to calm the emotions of the great sporting moments.

Prevents injuries

The prevention and healing of injuries is also important to keep the body at the top of its capacity. Overloads, discomfort and contractures are common when too much is required.

Therefore, thanks to the work of muscle decompression, correction of postures and power of agility, yoga is also used to relieve pain and reduce risks.

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