5 tricks to enhance your yoga practice

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Stagnation is a reality that few teachers talk about and that frustrates more and more people who practice yoga. Luckily, it is a transitory state from which you can leave more strengthened.

It is more normal than it is thought that, after significant progress and effort, our progress stops, the body becomes numb or our mind gets tired of the routine.

These problems may have many roots, but when expectations do not match the results it is necessary to make changes to really achieve benefits.

If you are not getting the desired performance from your practices, it may be because you need to change your diet and focus on a more conscious type of diet.

Try to prepare fresh products of organic origin. Eat in small portions and as ordered by your body.

A gradual habit change in this sense will result in more energy and attention during your yoga sessions and throughout the rest of the day.

The right mat and accessories
The choice of the right accessories is essential to adapt the movements and postures to our physical capacities and muscular demands. This can make the difference between a painful or too lax practice and an adequate effort.

A good yoga block, yoga wheel, a game of garters or a thinner or textured mat are key pieces that you can consider buying.

Teachers and classmates
The human connection is fundamental to raise the level of energy and mutual support. If you feel that your yoga teacher or classmates are negative, are on another physical level or simply do not fit in with your style of practice, it is good to look for a new place.

Very large groups can be too general if you want a more personalized accompaniment. On the other hand, there are those who do not like small groups and prefer a more social environment.

Complement with sport
If you have tried all of the above, the problem may be that your body demands more variety and complementation in certain physical areas.

One way to change the routine and take advantage of the conditions that yoga gives is to enroll in a sports team, go for a run or practice swimming. Your body will feel motivated by new challenges and movements.

Raise the level of commitment
Sometimes when our body does not want to move forward it is because our mind blocks its progress.

To truly feel the philosophy of yoga and experience an impact more than physical, you must incorporate conscious and healthy practices.

Meditate, eat well, lead a quieter life, buy organic products. All these customs put our body and routine in harmony with the environment and achieve a deeper connection with our being.

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